Who are you guys?

Cass Labs LLC is owned and operated by Matt. He was an R&D engineer at Specialized for several years before quitting to start Cass Labs. Matt graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in mechanical engineering, and enjoys building full-stack systems that integrate hardware and software. He also rides bikes, probably more than he works.

What does Cass Labs mean?

Cass is short for Cassandra, a Greek mythological figure who warned people of inconvenient truths that were soon to bear out. I see the quantitative approach to engineering as much the same. Results often reveal things that run counter to our intuitions and biases. We should not ignore these sometimes inconvenient truths. That being said, we live in a world saturated with data yet starved for understanding. Throwing a bunch of sensors on a bike and taking a "big data" approach is basically meaningless unless you do so with the intent of using the quantitative results to better understand the rider's subjective experience on the bike, which, at the end of the day, is what matters!